Digital Billboards

With our new 25×25 building blocks, you can build any size billboard you want, from a 10×10 to a 14×48 or larger. These panels are designed for easy installation and maintenance while being easily accessible, making servicing these signs much easier. With fans per cabinet to ensure proper air flow, our signs stay cool when displaying hot specials, events, and other advertisements. You will learn how to create, program, and schedule your messages from a PC that is provided with every digital billboard. A subframe will also be provided to make install and setup an easy process.

Our digital billboards have unique features which are designed with our customers in mind

Easy installation: With easy subframe and onsite techs, you are just one step from success.

Quality image: 28 trillion colors to create the best ad copy, so you have a better ability to create.

 When purchasing a digital billboard, we’ll provide:

Installation & Setup

Software Help & Training (Creating Display Messages & Scheduling Display Messages)